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Collect useful data from your e-commerce solution !

Web customers

Represents your Woocommerce customers, for whom data is collected within the channel. Must be defined for Woocommerce channels.


gives more data about the customer’s purchase intents for more precise marketing segmentation and retrieve more personal.

Abandoned cart

The easy management and execution of abandoned cart communications, launch targeted marketing campaigns with personalize the customer experience, and ultimately increase retention and sales.

Coupons code

Allowing Woocommerce merchants to simplify the management promotions and send custom email with discounts code.

Market ChallengesFlexible, Reliable

Immediate access to data

Oro now imports Woocomerce data and able to access some of the data almost immediately and start working with their Woocomerce channels.

Woocomerce customers

It is now possible to create Woocomerce customers directly in OroCRM and sync them back to Woocomerce.

Woocomerce integration

Merchants gain real value and ROI by using this data to leverage a complete 360° view of the customer, improve customer experience, and drive sales.

Abandoned Cart

This gives the user more data about the Abandoned Cart intents for more precise marketing segmentation and campaigning to increase sales.

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Nice connector for Woocommerce , you can import customer order coupons and abandoned cart to CRM , for centralize the management of sales marketing and reporting , The WooCommerce Connector allows merchants to get a 360° view of every customer , recover abandoned cart and recover order

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